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You’re well-versed in bringing your ideas to life and the world. You inspire as a leader who carries the vision that rallies your team, community, and partners. You are often your organization's secret weapon – the essential stakeholder that creates new opportunities and gets the deals signed. 
When you have to divert your attention to juggle managing your books, developing processes, drafting contract agreements, and forecasting with data, could you possibly see how much is at stake when you don’t have the support you need to execute in your zone of genius? Worse yet, could that blindspot and overwork prevent you from seizing and creating opportunities that propel organizations like yours to the next level? 

Purposed Strategy wants to help you fill the gaps in your accounting and organizational structure, restore balance to your life, and make sure you don’t miss anything that could cost you everything. 

Are you ready to receive expert support that has your back? 

Let’s Talk About Your Needs

4 Important Reasons We Should Connect Today:

You need an expert so that you don’t have to be: someone who consumes P&L statements for fun and lives to make the details connect into a big picture strategy.

You need someone who advocates for women leaders: someone who understands corporate landscapes and can help you minimize risks that allow inequity to thrive and get you back to operating in purpose and realizing your vision.

You need holistic support: someone vetted, trusted, and proven as an accountant, lawyer, and coach.

You need a coach: because achieving balance is a mindset and without a shift in perspective and behavior, you’ll never fully enjoy the life you’ve built.

Let’s Talk About Your Needs

Chief Financial Officer

 Virtual CFO

Imagine the luxury of having your very own Chief Financial Officer at a fraction of the cost. This is for women entrepreneurs and nonprofit executives who run organizations with revenue of six figures or more and want to scale their business to the next level. Our CFO advisory services help draw strategic conclusions from financials and shape the organization’s overall strategy.

Let's chat about accounting

Offering flexible, service-oriented, legal services tailored to your needs - including Nonprofit Setup, Solopreneur Company Setup, and Virtual GC services. We learn your business, become a part of your team, and add strategic insight and value. Providing leadership on business strategies and comprehensive legal support – get your questions answered, contracts reviewed, and legal advice or guidance you might need. 

Chief Legal Officer

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Chief Strategy Officer

Dig Deeper Coaching & Co-Working Sessions

Are you struggling with procrastination because you don’t know where to start? Looking for a systematic approach to achieving a goal? Are you faced with a need for change?

This is where real change begins and lasting change is bred. The Dig Deeper Program is a six (6) week one-on-one coaching program that helps to get you back on track and turn your passion into income. Yolanda facilitates coaching and co-working sessions to accelerate creation, influence quality, and achieve specific goals/objectives. This collaborative approach increases motivation and focus and supports you through built-in accountability and camaraderie.

 The Process

Co-Working Sessions


The Process

•  Access the Need – identify your most important goals
• Plan Effectively – develop a clear plan to move you and your business forward

• Execution & Delivery – take action to create the success desired

• Keep the Momentum – assist in planning and scheduling your next steps


Dip Deeper Co-Working Sessions

Do you need additional support outside of the coaching program? Join a co-working session structured for the purpose of “working” – wrestling through issues, making decisions, and documenting results toward the production of a specific goal. Yolanda will facilitate the session and provide you with support throughout.

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Learn how to stop your business from holding you back from profit and purpose.

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*Purposed Strategy is not a law firm and is an extension of Yolanda D. Brisco's personal brand. All legal services will be rendered through Yolanda's employer, Nexsen Pruet. Accordingly, an attorney-client relationship will not be established unttil a proper conflicts check is performed and an engagement letter has been executed. All opinions expressed on this site are that of Yolanda's and not her employer.







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